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Workhops are offered for individual sign ups during the summer
Wedding Cakes
beautiful wedding cakes
Each cake is custom created based on customer's style and design preferences. Customers choose size, shape, color, number of tiers, flowers, boarder design, topper and any other details needed for a beautiful cake.


four tier square wedding cake
topsy-turvy wedding cake



four-tier round wedding cake
black and white fondant wedding cake


asian red-gold wedding cake

Edible flowers 


Fresh flowers 

Add cake pops


Fake tiers

dummy fake wedding cakes

Dummy cakes
Add more tiers to your cake 

If your Wedding is an outdoor event at higher temperatures, it is suggested to use Dummy Cakes to replace bottom or top tiers
If you want a larger cake, but you only need a small number of servings, you may use Dummy Cakes to replace tiers.
If you are on a budget, you may use Dummy Cakes to replace tiers and Kitchen Cakes to add servings.

Dummy Cakes are fake cakes made out of styrofoam. They are replacing tiers in your display cake and are decorated just like the rest of the cake. 
Kitchen Cakes are delivered to the kitchen on site for caters to cut and serve with the display cake.  Kitchen cakes are the same flavor as your display cakes and only covered with the frosting of your choice.   No additional decoration. 

Wedding Cakes Galery

  1. elegand fondant wedding cake
  2. purple flower fondant wedding cake
  3. chocolate sticks wedding cake
  4. black -white fondant wedding cake with red roses
  5. purple flowers cream wedding cake
  6. asina red gold wedding cake
  7. elegand two color fondant wedding cale
  8. elegant two color fondant wedding cake
  9. topsy-turvy just married wedding cake
  10. simple four-tier wedding cake
  11. butterfly wedding cake
  12. multi shape wedding cake
  13. elegant square tall wedding cake
  14. rings topper wedding cake
  15. rustic style wedding cake
  16. four-tier pink blue wedding cake
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  18. blue diamond wedding cake
  19. smaller wedding cake
  20. ribbon black-red butterfly wedding cake
  21. wrapped ribbon wedding cake
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  25. cherry blossom wedding cake
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  44. gold wedding cake
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  47. Indian style wedding cake
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  76. gold elegant wedding cake

Order Information

Cake Favors:
chocolate, vanilla, white,  red velvet, walnut, walnut-coconut,  coconut-coffee, carrot
Cake Filling:
vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, almond, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, cream cheese 
Add to Cake Filling:
walnuts, almonds, coconut, fruit
Cake Decor:
whip cream, buttercream, fondant

Price per serving varies depending on the decoration. 

On-a-Budget Cakes:
The lowest price for a Wedding Cake is $3.50 per serving which covers cakes without fresh fruit or nuts and with a simple frosting decoration.
For example three tier round cake (10", 8" and 6") for $266
The lowest price for a Wedding Cake with fondant is $4.00 per serving which covers cakes without fresh fruit or nuts and with a simple decoration.
For example three tier round cake (10", 8" and 6") for $312

Other pricing:
$4 per serving covers cakes with fresh fruit or nuts with plain frosting.
$4.50 per serving covers simple frosting decoration, ribbon and flowers up to $15 value. 

$5 per serving covers simple buttercream decoration, ribbon and flowers up to $15 value. 
Fondant cakes designs start at $4.50 per serving. 

Other pricing will be provided with custom designs. 

You may provide flowers and a topper, or have us order it for you.

Consultation is free of charge. Please contact us to schedule our phone consultation or  meeting. 
Feel free to send emails with any questions you may have.

We sell cakes by the slice for $4.25. You can buy stadard cakes by the slice to try or order you own flavor. If you proceed with a wedding cake order, you get credit for tasting (up to $20).

Reservation and Payments:
To reserve your date, a 20% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of your reservation.
The remaining balance payment has to be received at least one week before the event date.

Delivery and Set Up:
Delivery and Set Up fee  is  $20 for 5-mile radius and additional $1.50 per mile after that.

Cancellation and Return  Policy:
20% deposit is non-refundable.  Once your date is scheduled and a 20% deposit is received, the amount will not be returned upon cancellation under any circumstances.
If your order is canceled at least 8 days before the scheduled event date, you will receive a full refund of the remaining balance paid (Total amount – 20% deposit).
If your order is canceled 4-7 days before the scheduled event date, you will receive 75% of the remaining balance paid (75% of (Total amount – 20% deposit)).
If your order is canceled within 3 days of the scheduled event date, there will be NO refund issued to you.
No refund or credit will be issued once the cake is picked up by a customer or delivered.  Sweetart Creative Baking is not responsible for any damages or customer dissatisfaction after pick up. 

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Please send an email if you would like to send pictures and other attachments relatred to your wedding cake request.
Email to:   info@cakesofsweetart.com