DIY - Decorate Your Cake 

Offered only at Sweetart Creeative Baking 

Summer Workshops:

Sign up for cake decorating workshop in summer!

You will receive the following:
- one individual cake (chocolate, vanilla or red velvet);
- buttercream frosting;
- decorating tools to use;
- sprinkles;
- fondant;
- box to pack your cake to take with you

It is DIY style and not guided, but we will help you with anything you may need. Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

Available dates:
Every Monday and Tuesday June-September
10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm

Call or email to reserve your spot
(925) 202-7776     [email protected]

Reserve a party for your celebration

About parties:

Party size:
4-8 participants age 7 or older
For parties of more than 8 we can
come to your location 

Reservations only on Sundays

1.5 hour long

$30 per participant - for decoration using frosting (cream);
$35 per participant - for decoration using fondant;
$40 per participant - for adults and older children using frositng  (6" cake);
$45 per participant - for adults and older children using fondant  (6" cake);

Party includes the following for each partiticpant:
- one mini tiered cake (your choice of flavor);
- fondant or frosting;
​- colored frosting in decorating bags;
- decorating tools;
- decorating tips;
- decorating molds;
- individual cake box;
- markers to decorate the box

Add pizza:
Large cheese $20;
Large pepperoni $25

Each cake is packed in a personilized box.  

Decorate an amazing cake
with you friends

Learn what we do in the bakery


crumb coat




be creative


Add some cupcakes

Kids usually take their cakes home. Add some cupcakes for them to decorate and eat at the party.
Cupcakes are additional $12.50/half dozen

Reserve your party date!      [email protected]

Kid's opinion

"So fun! - It was a great experience. I loved decorating with fondant and frosting. I have a whole new respect for bakers. "  Anaita

"I ususally don't like baking but it was really fun."   Kalle

"It was a very fun experience. It was very awesome to learn and be able to work with so many materials."   Jasmine

"It was amazing! So well organized and sophisticated yet easy to work around. I like all the tools we were aloud to use. I always really like decorating/baking cakes, so this gave me an insight on an actual bakery and what goes on."    Grace

"I loved decorating the cakes and I love how you get to express yourself in the cake."   Zayna

"I loved decorating the cakes. So much fun!"  Anika

"I think that this gives a great oportunity for kids to learn how to decorate cakes"